Demo 2016

by Slugpie

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Seb - Guitar/Vox
Tessa - Bass
Karl - Drums


released November 30, 2016

DIY recorded & mixed on Seb's crappy laptop in Autumn 2016.

Artwork, logo and layout by Tessa Najjar


"French three piece Slugpie have just released a Demo of four of the nastiest sludge punishments that we’ve heard all year, and we mean sludge in its heaviest, choking sense. Like a lot of today’s sludge bands, Slugpie has roots embedded into Blues and the grooving tones underpin the fuzzy claustrophobic riffs, especially on a track like ‘Mojo Drown’. The vocals come out like Dopethrone with a sore throat, and they’re as scary as they are addictive.

Slugpie are everything we like about Sludge in 2016: thrashingly fast and doomily slow, suffocating and relentless riffing, and heavy and nasty as hell! I need a shower. "

- Heavy Planet, 30.11.2016.

"Slugpie are the perfect antidote to a day of Crimbo music and faux cheer.

December the first is a day I look forward to and dread. The looking forward is always simple. Its just after payday and the thought of the Christmas break is so close you can taste it. The downside is that today marks the first in a long day of almost constant Christmas music at work. By rule Christmas songs are terrible by design. In three and a half minutes they cram in everything that sums up the period. Over indulgence, gaudiness and an underling vibe that if you aren’t enjoying it then you ust be defective in a happiness gland. Today was one such day. I needed an alternative. Luckily I found it in Slugpie.

Slugpie are a sludge trio from Limoges, Limousin in France. They make the kind of music that can only be made when boredom happens, musical conventions have been thrown out of the window and a total disregard for decibels has been reached. Basically its loud, slow, repetitive and very, very good! Opening track, The Swamp, is the stand out track on the EP. As The Swamp starts an eerie and spooky vibe kicks in before a devastating riff kicks in that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go until the end. It sways and skews along its stoner rock way until a searing solo appears out of nowhere. It’s like the Misfits are being covered by Kyuss.

While the lyrics to The Swamp are little more than guttural screams and grunts there is a larger picture. Luckily Slugpie’s Bandcamp page gives you the lyrics. The second verse is chocked full of stalking terror and malice “Smell the stench, Something’s near, Lumbering. Coming for you, Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, No escape, The Swamp is coming to get you”.

This is an EP that screams, literally, to be replayed and replayed. With each listen you peel back another layer to reveal some very clever compositions and inventive playing. The Swamp, and Slugpie, are coming to get you. I just hope you’re ready when they do!"

- thisyearinmusic, 01.12.2016.

"Here’s a new delicacy from France, called Slugpie. And keeping in the tradition of everything else I’ve posted recently, it’s a very un-Christmas like. It’s a slab of dirty (drug induced?) Sludge that sounds like it came from the swamps of America’s Deep South, rather than from the infinitely more cultured city of Limoges."

- Beneath the Surface, 13.12.2016



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Slugpie France

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Track Name: The Swamp
Hear me out
Something’s there
Lurking in the filth
Waiting for you
Feeding on fear, flesh and bones
Patient and deadly

Smell the stench
Something’s near
Coming for you
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No escape
The Swamp is coming to get you

Coming to get you

Screaming to hell
No one will come for you
No one will ever find you

Drowning in mud
Swallowing slime
You’re part of it now

The Swamp – Fear the Swamp
Track Name: Sermon Dealer
Lost souls gathering ‘round the chosen one
Healer of the pain
Selling to his lambs some heaven on earth
Holy water in his veins

Granting godly powers
Holy Fire vapours
Evil guiding sinners
Blessing harlots in bed

Sermon dealer
Showing the way
Filthy preacher
Watching souls decay

Come to the High Mass

Fathers never confess
And ignorance is bliss
Turning water into blood
God’s seed abides in them to grow buds
Track Name: Reefer Keeper
Lighting it up
Taking a puff
And running your mouth

Fire’s burning
Smoke escaping
You’re lost in your mind

Look at me now
Reefer Keeper
I need to toke it up

Don’t wanna ask
Don’t wanna feel
Like some kinda jerk

Just wanna fill
My lungs with smoke
Can’t wait anymore

Don’t wanna hear
You talking no more
Gimme the fucking joint!

I’m sick of your shit
You’re here every night
Taking, never asking
Keeping, never giving

Fucking pot blocker
You’re high enough now
Can’t stand watching you
Emptying the green bag

Fucking parasite
Imma grind your brain
And make a bong out
Of your fucking skull
Track Name: Mojo Drown
Arh, shivering…
It’s getting harder to breathe
So high -- so low
Boiled blood, brain whirl

Thick, cold fog
Surrounding me
Alone and lost
Heart pounding out of my chest

Trapped in a mind loop
Sucking my soul up
Make it stop now
I’m carried away with the dust